Sponsored content on this blog is carefully selected to align with our editorial vision and reader interests. When we publish a sponsored post, it means Designer Event Rentals® has received payment for its creation. Typically, the sponsoring brand has pre-approval of the post and may offer editorial direction, such as highlighting specific products or phrases. While a brief list of copy points is negotiated, the remainder of the post is written in our usual style. Sponsored posts appear once or twice a month, always alongside our regular content, and are clearly marked as such in the headline and the first and last lines of the post. Occasionally, sponsored posts may contain affiliate links. In these cases, Designer Event Rentals® may offer a discount on the fee for the post.

Giveaways on our blog are often partnered with sponsors and disclosed as such in each giveaway post. These posts must also align with our editorial vision. When we administer a giveaway post, it means Designer Event Rentals® has received payment for its administration. As with sponsored posts, the sponsoring brand usually has pre-approval and may provide editorial direction. Brands may choose the entry method for the giveaway, but pursuant to The Designer Event Rentals® Privacy Policy, they do not receive any back-end information on entries.

Affiliate links are used to monetize links to products, brands, and stores recommended in our content. These links allow us to earn commission on purchases made through them. While brands do not have pre-approval or editorial input into our product recommendations, they may offer incentives for specific product lines. Additionally, affiliate link data, such as clicks, purchases, and commissions generated, is considered reader interest and may influence our editorial direction.

However, products, brands, or stores that do not align with our editorial vision will not be featured. Similarly, if certain products or stores receive low reader engagement, we may feature them less frequently.

In more detail, affiliate links entitle us to a portion of purchases made through them, even if the purchased item differs from the recommended product. For instance, if we recommend a sweater and a reader purchases lipstick through our link, we receive a commission on the lipstick sale. The potential to earn commission may last for an extended period, typically 10-50 days, depending on the relationship. If products are returned within a specified timeframe, usually 21-60 days, we may lose the commission on those sales.